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About Us

We truly believe that we are the best of our kind, we are incredibly committed and take the time to get to know all our client and candidate needs. 

For more information, please Contact the team at Charity Recruitment.

Charlie Yarrow


Charlie has great experience working within the Charity sector for many years. She has worked with fantastic organisations and worked with outstanding candidates during her time.

Due to the Covid pandemic Charlie was made redundant and could no longer continue doing what she loved the most.

Starting up during this time was going to be daunting and challenging, but due to Charlie's passion to do what she loves best, she has managed to successfully grow Charity Recruitment. She has never looked back.

Charlie Yarrow

Ruby Greenwood

Candidate Attraction Manager

Charity Recruitment would like to welcome Ruby to the organisation. Ruby is a recent 1st class graduate and has fantastic qualities to become an incredibly successful recruiter.

Ruby has a great interest in the sector after volunteering for her local Charity in her spare time. We welcome Ruby to Charity Recruitment and wish her a long and bright future with us.

Ruby Greenwood
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